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September 2022 General Update

    09.04.22 | Articles, Lambs of Faith, General

    An Invitation to all Youth and Families

    As school and work schedules settle back in, we are looking ahead into October for a formative and fun opportunity for all of our youth and their families.  Every Sunday afternoon from 3:30 – 5:30 PM in October we will be showing Season 1 of “The Chosen”.  This show has garnered wide acclamation for its creative and moving interpretation of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection accounted for in the Gospels.

    The first season has 8 episodes lasting around 40 min. each.  Our goal is to watch two episodes each Sunday over four weekends in October.  Each time we will also read the Scripture passages that were showcased in each episode.

    We will be putting it up on the projector screen and providing food and drink.  We would love to have you join us each time!  Be on the lookout for more details as we get closer; save the date and we hope to see you with us.

    “Come and see!” is a prominent line in “The Chosen” and we invite you to “come and see” the Good News of Jesus on the big screen!  Contact Pastor Sam for any questions.

    More Storage and a Prayer Room

    This is an update on a project underway. As many know, storage availability at Faith is in short supply. In addition, there has been a need for a private prayer room for some time now. Properties Management was asked to look into this, and they came up with a plan.

    The plan is to enclose an area on the porch outside the south side of the Fellowship Hall, converting it to about 400 square feet of storage, with access from inside the Fellowship Hall. One of the windows there will be converted to double doors. When this is complete, the plan is to move the craft storage from the room next to the Narthex, to the new storage area, allowing that room to be refurbished into a private prayer room for use by the Pastors as needed, and for any other private prayer sessions. The hope is to have this completed within the next few months.