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OSL update December 2022

    12.01.22 | Articles | by Randy Taylor

    As we enter the Advent season, the Faith Healing Prayer Team gives thanks to God for our Pastors, and for all our brothers and sisters in Christ here at Faith.

    We all are part of the body of Jesus, the Christ.  I like to think that as the body has many parts and the many parts have different gifts and work to do in the body.  Jesus helps us understand that His body on earth, you and me and all who are His, are different, but one body.  We can think about it using human body parts – if a person was a rod cell on the retina of an eye, it would get very excited if rays of light show up.  It only gets excited if rays of light show up.  Similarly, if a person is a cell in a kidney, it gets very excited and does its job if there is a change in pH in the liquid passing through.  The thought that these body cells have different sources of activation and different jobs is an example that we Christians likewise have different gifts, skills and abilities, yet all of us are parts of Jesus’ body, His church.  Praise God for His workmanship, knitting us together in our Mothers’ bodies and knowing us long before we even are!!

    The healing prayer team is a group of Faith people who have learned from Jesus’ miracles in the Bible and focus on praying, as He did, for the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs that people have.  It is always and only Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, who heals.  Several members of our Faith community have experienced God’s healing and are willing to talk with you about healings they have experienced.  If you would like to go through the instruction materials and learn if praying for healing might be God’s call on your hearts, please contact me or any of the Healing Prayer Team members.


    On Saturday, February 10, there will be a day long (9:00 AM to 3:00 PM) Healing Conference held here at Faith Lutheran.  Three other churches with prayer teams (First Presbyterian Church of Bonita, St. John’s Episcopal of Naples, St. Mary’s Episcopal of Bonita) are joining with our Faith Healing Prayer Team to sponsor a day of teaching conducted by Rev. Josh Acton, the North American Director of OSL (the international Order of St. Luke).  Rev. Acton will teach morning and afternoon sessions about “Moving in the Presence of Jesus”.   Registrations will be up to the limit of our sanctuary.  Registration packets will be available to all four churches’ members and guests beginning in mid to late December.  There is a fee of $25.00 per person to cover costs of scheduling as well as lunch and breaks.

    Morning and afternoon sessions will be held in Faith’s sanctuary and lunch and breaks will be provided in the Fellowship Hall.  There will be prayer ministers available at 3:00 PM in the Fellowship Hall for those who want prayer after the teaching ends.  Our own Randy McClendon has agreed to provide worship music for us before the morning and afternoon teaching sessions.

    Please put Saturday, February 11 on your calendars and register early to secure your opportunity to learn about praying for healing.

    In His service,  Randy Taylor

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