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Music Dept, Jan 2022

    01.01.22 | Music | by Matthew Swingle

    Hello Faith Family –

    Psalm 98:1 “Sing to the LORD a new song, for He has done marvelous things; His right hand and His holy arm have worked salvation for Him.” 

    The weeks following Advent and Christmas seem to be a melancholic transition for some of us. We leave behind us the wonderful season of decorations, joyful and festive music, an abundance of gifts and gift giving, the birth of Jesus, time with friends and family, and goodwill amongst everyone. We are given the blessed gift to look forward to another season of caroling and spirited celebrations a year from now, yet, as we wind down from the emotional high of Advent and Christmas, some of us may experience those “Post-Christmas Blues” … 

    A few weeks before Christmas, I was reminded of a simple statement about being a church worker: we make a difference in the lives of our congregations through the Message, Music, and Ministry. The Message can bring comfort to the weary or to provoke the complacent. The Music provides an avenue for the heart, mind, and soul to connect to themselves and to the hearts of others. The Ministry allows us to express and share our faith and good works with others.

    So how can we utilize Music to wane us out of those Post-Christmas Blues? Although we are beyond the season of gift-giving, this does not mean we have to stop serving our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. As I look towards the coming weeks, I am reminded of the text to the hymn “You Call Us, Lord”:

    You call us, Lord, to be a people set apart, to feel with thoughtful mind and think with tender heart. You call us, Lord, to care for self and neighbor too, to take the risk, and dare to show what love can do. Thus chosen, now, O Lord, we ask for faith in Your unfailing grace to make us equal to the task. (2003 Worship & Rejoice Hymnal #583)

    Hymns, like the one above, are succinct reminders that although we may be beyond the “Season of Goodwill towards all” we must constantly, thoroughly, and lovingly serve our brothers and sisters as Christ taught us. These reminders through our songs can help balance out our holiday and seasonal emotions.

    Serve your brothers and sisters and come before Him with a song. 


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