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Meet Your Council (part 3)

    10.02.22 | Articles, General | by Ron Mitchell

    Board of Women of Faith Director Mary Ellen Martin – this Board fosters fellowship and spiritual growth among the women of Faith Lutheran Church, planning events to support various missions and community needs, and managing various craft groups. This includes planning and executing events in collaboration with the Board of Fellowship. Among other things, they plan and produce funeral luncheons upon request, chair the Spring Tea and Fall Craft Bazaar, chair LWML (Lutheran Women’s Missionary League) Sunday monthly, communicate to the congregation regarding LWML activities through The Voice newsletter and bulletin boards of the Church, and coordinate and publicize LWML out of town events. 

    Board of Fellowship Director Shirley Hulse – this Board Works with the professional staff and other ministry boards to create an integrated annual plan and maintain and coordinate with the Church Secretary a calendar of fellowship events.  These include opportunities to enhance relationships among the congregation, provides for and promotes congregational members’ participation in the actual production of planned events.  Working with other ministry boards as appropriate, will organize various food and beverage events. Special events will be approved by this board and inserted into the church calendar. 

    Board of Properties Management Director Mike Werner – this Board is charged with maintenance of all physical property of the congregation inside and outside of the Church buildings, and ensuring the cleanliness of the buildings meets normal standards and those dictated by law.  It is also responsible for any major changes or improvements to the existing facilities as approved by Church Council and/or the Congregation.  Any changes requested by any other Board or individual must be presented to this Board for initial consideration. The board will be responsible for bringing suggestions for improvements, needs for safety in and around the facilities, and any necessary upkeep issues to the Church Council. 

    The Director positions for the Boards of Stewardship and Lambs of Faith are vacant at this time, and will be featured in a future edition of The Voice.

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