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Church Council need you!

    12.01.22 | Articles, General | by Rowe Hudson

    Dear Faith Lutheran Church Family:

    Here we are near the end of another great year in our church.  We are so very blessed to be able to continue the worship of our Savior, and the peace of mind that provides.  While worship is primary, we are also thankful for the fellowship we have been able to resume.  It was a joy to have 100+ members at the last couple of events we’ve held.  It is the leadership of the pastoral staff, FLC employees, and the many volunteers (Officers, Directors, Committees, and others) that allow us to enjoy these kinds of activities.  And it’s that leadership we want to discuss in this letter.

    FLC is blessed with a congregation that is filled with time, talents, and treasures.  Now, as much as ever, we need the time and talents each of you have to offer.  We have two critical vacancies on Church Council right now, and soon we will have a few  more, as some terms expire.  Today, we need a Treasurer and a Director for the Board of Lambs of Faith.  In January, the 2023-2024 (two year terms) election process will begin, with the need to elect a President, Vice President, Director of Elders, Director of Education, Director of Lambs of Faith, and Director of Stewardship.

    We ask you to think about your time and your talents, pray about what God’s purpose is for you, and if so led, contact the church office for additional information on any of these positions, and their requirements.

    Thank you, and God’s blessings to us all.

    Rowe Hudson 
    Vice President, Congregation / Nominating Committee Chair

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