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Prayer Matters Feb 2-24
    02.03.24 | Articles | Prayer Matters | by Mary Beth Born

    Do you need a 911 call to God, and you feel like you can’t get through? It can sometimes feel that way when we are lost or stuck - and maybe like we don't even know how to move forward. Sometimes we need more than our daily prayers because...

    The Chosen
      01.01.24 | Articles | General | by Judy McDermott

      Faith Lutheran Church is offering a new Bible study for individuals, couples, and families.  This Bible study will use the Season 3 of the series “The Chosen” videos.  The stories are centered around Biblical...

      WOF/LWML Jan 2023
        01.01.24 | Articles | Women of Faith | by Mary Ellen Martin

        The Women of Faith and the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League would like to thank you for your prayers and support over the past year.  Because of your support at our events, we are blessed to help support the missions we chose for...

        Prayer Matters Jan 2024
          01.01.24 | Articles | Prayer Matters | by Randy Taylor

          Dear friends, our prayers “matter” because God matters, right?  Good question, right?  As I really think about this and look in the mirror, I ask myself, “Is it really true that God matters to me?” ...

          Prayer Matters - Dec 2023
            12.01.23 | Articles | Prayer Matters | by Ron Mitchell

            Are you wondering why these “prayer matters” articles keep showing up in The Voice?  Or perhaps you may have even wondered if prayer really matters, especially when a prayer sometimes seems to go unanswered.  Well, we are...