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Are We There Yet?

    12.18.21 | General | by Ron Mitchell

    Here we are in the Christmas season again, and while every Christmas season is a special time, I must say this one holds a little more excitement for me. Last year we were somewhat strangled by the effects of Covid-19, and so participation in the various Christmas events, especially the wonderful services celebrating the birth of our Savior, were sparsely attended. My excitement for this year is a hope to see full pews again. The ability to live, love, and pray together as a Church family is so important.

    Every parent can recall a time when the most frequently asked question of their kids during a road trip was….are we there yet? I have been asked a similar question a few times recently….when are we going to get back to normal? I remember not too long ago, some were saying the lunacy we were going through (no handshakes, no hugging, masks making it difficult to be heard clearly, social distancing, etc.) was the “new normal”. I was not of that opinion then, nor am I now. God did not create us to live in fear like that. We may not yet be back to the normal we had a couple years back, but we are getting very close. I know our Pastors want that just as much as we do. 

    As we continue to work back toward that “old normal”, I ask you to join me and others to encourage one another and remind one another why we are all on this faith walk together. Encourage Church attendance in person, fellowship with our Church family, and the sharing of prayers and the joy of worship. That’s how God created us to live, and we give thanks to him for all our blessings.

    Ron Mitchell, Congregation President


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