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2022 Administrative Report

    02.21.22 | The Shepherd's Voice | by Pastor Brad Hildebrandt

    We give thanks to God for all the blessings and gifts that he gives to us individually and to our congregation.  We are indeed blessed.

    As we look forward to this new year. I thought I would report to you some of the things that happened this past year and some things we are focused on, as it relates to the workings of our congregation.

    In 2021 we, despite all of the challenges of Covid, accomplished a great deal. We installed our new organ and have experience the wonderful addition it adds to our worship and music programs as Matthew continues to bring new ideas to our music program. Installing the console was just one of the difficult tasks, what most did not was all the new speakers and necessary wiring that had to be completed. We installed police call boxes coupled with our fire system, which gives us additional security. Additionally, we finished the upgrades to our memorial garden and installed a Gazebo. A place that is very important to many of our members and their families.

    We can be thankful for our campus and our physical building. But these facilities require constant attention, maintenance and repair. Our Board of Properties has responsibility to do regular repairs, and to address problems that are often surprises. This is especially important as materials and labor contracts are increasing is costs. WE also look ahead at what might be required in the next few years such as re-paving our parking lot and repair or replacement of systems which are aging.  We recently replaced one of our air conditioners.  Did you know we have approximately 16 units!! Some are over 10 years old. Our roof needs cleaning and sealing in the not-too-distant future.

    Currently we are preparing to add additional storage space and convert a storage closet located just off the narthex into a prayer and meditation room. I know that many of you have specific skills that might assist us in maintaining our facilities and I know the property board would like to talk to you. 

    As you read this, we are in the final stages of preparing our 2022-2023 budget. Budgeting is not everyone’s favorite chore, but it allows us to plan so that we can continue all of our congregational work. It also covers aspects of our operations and mission work. The budget will go through several steps including review by the Executive Committee, Church Council and finally approval at a congregational meeting. We are of course facing increased costs, but you can be assured our church council and operating committees are working to stay within our budget and have done so in the past.

    Of course, contributions are our source of revenue, and we must forecast them as well. In that regard, I would like to remind you that we do have an on-line giving program that is used by many of our members and is easy to access on our website.

    Let us hope and pray that our congregation will be able to carry out God’s work for that is our ultimate responsibility

    Pastor Brad

    Administrative Pastor

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