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"The Chosen" a new Bible Study

    07.31.22 | Articles, General | by Randy Taylor

    Dear Faith family,

    Faith is offering a new Bible study for individuals, couples and families.  This Bible study will use the first year’s series of “The Chosen” videos.  The stories are centered around Biblical records of events and things Jesus did during His earthly life.  Reviews of “The Chosen” have been very positive, especially in how the love of Jesus is demonstrated in these Biblical stories.

    Members of Faith’s Healing Prayer Team will lead discussion of each episode.  Please bring your Bibles.  Each week’s study will consist of brief readings you can do before coming, introductions to the video, watching an episode from Season 1, and concluding with Bible-based discussion of the episode.

    “The Chosen” study will be in Faith’s Fellowship Hall on Thursday mornings, from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM.  Our first class will be on September 8 (after Labor Day) and will run through Thursday, November 3.

    Your Chosen study book costs $15.  A couple or family may choose to use only one book or purchase two.  There will be sign up clipboards at Faith Lutheran in the Narthex and outside the Fellowship Hall.

    “Come and see!” is a major line in “The Chosen” and we invite you to “come and see!”

    Randy and Susan Taylor

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