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Thanksgiving In September

    09.03.23 | Articles, General | by Ron Mitchell

    God’s Word tells us the Church is not just a building, an organization, or even a denomination.  It’s a body of people who believe in Jesus Christ.  The church is referred to as "the body of Christ" in various New Testament verses, including Romans 12:5, 1 Corinthians 10:17, and 1 Corinthians 12:27. 

    And so it is, “we” are the Church.  God does bless us with a place to meet, worship, and fellowship with one another.  He wants us to have relationships with one another.  That’s why He created us, beginning with Adam and Eve.  He also gave us free will to decide how to manage those relationships, to decide which paths to take, and even to decide between good and evil.

    We are richly blessed at Faith Lutheran Church.  We are blessed with the Pastors God sent to shepherd this group of believers, and we are blessed with many volunteers who help maintain the facilities and the spiritual support He provides for us. 

    It’s with that in mind I want to thank all the people who give their time, their talents, and their treasures, maintaining facilities, delivering spiritual education, providing fellowship opportunities, and overall support of faith at Faith Lutheran Church.  You know who you are, and so does God.

    Thank you, and blessings.
    Ron Mitchell
    Congregation President

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