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Stop For Just A Moment

    06.02.24 | Articles, Prayer Matters | by Janet Guenther

    On days when so many things race through your mind, that you can hardly grasp one thought long enough to think it through...Yes, STOP. Give yourself permission to sit back and take a breath. We need to step away from our mental busyness and our to-do list and read some scriptures to find out how Jesus would advise us in what seems to be a crazy world that encourages fear, anxiousness, and darkness to enter our days of worries and wondering what Is this world coming to... 

    How do we do this? I was reading Philippians 4:6-7 this morning, wondering what I would write about this month in the Prayers Matter Column and how to keep it short. Hmmm, not easy for me but I will share what the Lord shared with me. 

    Are we being pulled in different directions or worrying about things that the Lord has said in V6 that we should not worry about? Sometimes, obligations feel more chaotic than they actually are because we have other internal things vying for our attention. We have duties that must be tackled, but we feel overwhelmed because inside we are dealing with something bigger. We have not taken the time to process these issues with Jesus...”Have We?” Sometimes I feel like Jesus is saying, “Why haven’t you come to me?” We need to take the time to be in His Word and unload the burdens that we carry unnecessarily. Psalm 23:4 says it all.

    Jesus says I am your ever-present help in times of trouble. I will never leave you nor forsake you, Abide in Me, and the reality of My nearness will infuse you with COURAGE. We are more than conquerors, because His Victory has become OURS...STOP for just a moment and think about this !!!! 

    Janet Guenther

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