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Prayer Matters Feb 2-24

    02.03.24 | Articles, Prayer Matters | by Mary Beth Born

    Do you need a 911 call to God, and you feel like you can’t get through? It can sometimes feel that way when we are lost or stuck - and maybe like we don't even know how to move forward. Sometimes we need more than our daily prayers because we have extra "stuff" in our lives. And in those times, it can be hard to know how to even approach God about those things - big or small. 

    Prayer is a Sound Investment. Life is full of curve balls - some work out, others don't. In today's world, it can feel like you are placing bets on so many things - without knowing the outcome. Here's a bet that you can take that will always work out - prayer. 

    Talk to Me - I Got You. We can feel overwhelmed, and we don’t know what to do. Have you experienced a time when your regular prayers just didn't cut it? This is when God will say, “Just talk to Me!”  It makes no difference where you are or what is happening - the God of the Universe wants to know YOU!

    And God says, ‘Just talk to Me!’ Even if we feel so frustrated, lost and overwhelmed, not knowing what to do, God says ‘Just talk to me!’  We have times when seeking solitude to pray is impossible. God will say……. ‘Just talk to Me!  It makes no difference where we are or what is happening. The Holy Spirit is always with us to intercede with God on your behalf.  So….just talk to Him!  The creator of the world wants to spend time chatting with you, so go for it! 

    Here at Faith, we also have a Prayer Room, with people to pray with you and seek Jesus’ help; no judgment, just a community that cares about you - doing the thing that matters most, prayer. It doesn't matter what the need is, big or small, an everyday need or the extraordinary. "Operators" are standing by to connect you with the One who can take care of it all.  The hotline to God is just one small hello away.

    Marybeth Born

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