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Nominations for Officers and Board Chairs

    02.03.24 | Articles, General | by Michael Schmidt

    Nominations for Officers and Board Chairs

    Dear Fellow Members of Faith,

    As each of you well knows, it takes a tremendous amount of ballast to keep a ship upright.  Similarly, it takes an army of volunteers to maintain the Lord’s work in a congregation.  Our Lord has bestowed special talents on each of us, some remain undiscovered.  Our Lord expects us to utilize our time and talents to keep our congregation alive in fellowship, stewardship, management and enthusiasm.  Faith Lutheran Church is blessed by the commitment of its congregation who willing serve Him on so many levels and yet, as is always the case, we need more assistance.

    As your Vice President and Chair of Nominations, I Personally ask that you conduct a search of your heart and energy on the manner in which you can best enhance His mission.  Many of you have been approached by me to serve in some capacity.  I fully respect each response of “Not at this time”.  We must make choices that work for us, our schedules and our families,

    Following are the positions that we need to fill prior to the beginning of our fiscal year on 1 April.

    Congregation President
    Congregation Secretary
    Board Chair for Lambs of Faith
    Board of Outreach & Missions

    Thankfully, the following individuals have graciously agreed to another 2-year term on their committees.  We are blessed by their enthusiasm to serve.  Each of them has expressed the need for more members on their Boards.

    Mike Werner, Board of Properties
    Mary Ellen Martin, Women of Faith
    Shirley Hulse, Board of Fellowship

    Thank you for prayerfully considering the needs of your congregation.

    Michael L Schmidt, Vice President

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