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Lambs of Faith Cookie Sale 2023

    12.01.23 | Articles, Lambs of Faith | by Sammi Treglown

    Bakers wanted! If you would like to contribute to the Lambs of Faith Christmas Cookie Sale—we’d love your help. Cookies must be delivered by 9 am 12/8 to Lambs of Faith for packaging. Contact Sammi Treglown with any questions. 239-537-2957

    If you are looking to purchase cookies, the schedule is as follows:

    Lambs of Faith Cookie Sale, December 8 & 9 (sold at 10am-12 at LOF, at concert on 12/8 at 6:30pm and 12/9 at 9-11am.) If cookies are still available on Sunday they will be sold after services.

    Please use the following suggestions when baking your cookies….

    • Homemade cookies only, please!
    • Deliver your cookies to the Church on Friday December 14
      from 7:00 to 9:00 AM
    • Deliver your cookies to the Church in a disposable container as you may not get it back (i.e. shirt box, foil trays, etc.)
    • Please do not use buttercream frosting to decorate as it doesn't "set" and is difficult to plate.
    • Bring as many cookies as you would like ... the more we receive, the more we will sell
    • If you can, plan to stay and help fill and decorate the trays ... it is a wonderful, fun morning of fellowship with a free lunch. 

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