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I've Got You Covered

    02.01.22 | The Shepherd's Voice | by Sam Maconachy

    For me, one of the biggest reliefs I can ever experience is to hear the words:  “I’ve got you covered.”  It is of great consolation to have someone say that to me when I am incapable of doing something.  I recall one time in college where we had a jazz concert and my chops were just not having it at dress rehearsal.  Being the lead trumpet at that time demanded me to never play below the staff line for an entire hour; it was fun to do until your lips would say “no thanks, I’m done.”  Mine were in that helpful mood at that time.  Needless to say I was freaking out because it was the day of the gig and I physically couldn’t do it, and that’s when my friend playing next to me said, “I’ve got you.”  He did exactly that and stepped up when I couldn’t.  It was a huge relief that I wouldn’t have to embarrass myself with trying that night to play the high notes (I’m sure it also eased the director’s uneasiness as well).  

    There have also been times when someone has given me those words when I don’t deserve it.  Because, believe you me, there have been numerous times I’ve dropped the ball.  Sinners going to do what sinners going to do, am I right?  “I’ve got you covered” spoken over me when I was expected to do something but failed because of being lazy or uncaring.  I was filled with embarrassment and guilt, but also tearful astonishment at the same time because it was done so without disgust and judgment by the other person.  Undeserved mercy has a way of doing to that to the least deserving people, most of all me.  

    But not only that, there have been other moments where something happened beyond my control that I was unable to do something expected of me.  A most recent instance is last Rally Day in September 2021.  It is such an exciting day to kick off Confirmation, Sunday School, and Lambs of Faith for the year.  It requires lots of planning and above all my presence along with all the other numerous people who work behind the scenes to make it happen.  Well wouldn’t you know it, late that Saturday evening before I acquired the wonderful stomach flu from my beloved oldest daughter, parents going to get what their kids get, am I right?  I literally couldn’t come in to serve and lead on Rally Day.  There was even a Baptism I scheduled with a family for that morning too!  I dreaded calling Pastor Treglown to bring such inconvenient news, but I did and heard yet again those sweet words of relief:  “I’ve got you covered.”  Team ministry is one of the greatest gifts here in my pastoring to you all at Faith.  This story is just a snippet of how much of a blessing it is for me and my family. 

    These reflections lead me to wonder on our Lord Jesus.  The One Who covers us with His mercy and love.  Dear church family, hear and take to heart these sweet and true words:  Christ has you covered.  When there’s something you simply cannot seem to do or get over and you’re branding yourself a failure, you’re not.  Christ has you to give you His blessed assurance and peace.  When you “drop the ball” in your relationships with God and others, you won’t be struck down by the Creator.  Christ has got you covered, run into His arms for true mercy and help for they are readily found within them.  He’ll even give you the strength to say “I’m sorry” when others need to hear it from you.  When circumstances come up and are beyond your control that have you completely overwhelmed, Christ steps in and says to you through His Word:  “I’m here.”  Christ has got you covered and clothed because He loves you.  

    “Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins”, 1 Peter 4:8.  As we live in the month of February and are unable to escape the simple mention of what love is, here is something for you…

     First, receive God’s eternal love that He has covered you with in His Son Jesus Christ.  Then as you do, seek out ways you can cover and clothe others.  Love does indeed cover a multitude of sins.  Look out for people, even those who you think may not even deserve it, and show them mercy to give them relief.  Be vigilant and ready to step in and cover for someone when they can’t go on, mess up, or are overwhelmed.  Is that not what Jesus does with us every single day?  Is this not what true love is?  Keep loving one another earnestly in the Lord.  

    I’ve got you covered in Christ,
    Pastor Sam

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