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From the Director of Music August 2022

    07.31.22 | Articles, Music | by Matthew Swingle

    Hello Faith Family!

    Tis a blessed summer, indeed! The FLC Music Ministry has officially announced its very first, full-fledged concert series! Included with your mailing of The Voice is a printed card of the entire year of events. I humbly request that you post it up on your refrigerators, right beside the grocery lists and your children’s/grandchildren’s artwork, so that you know when you can attend!

    For the first year, I wanted to highlight the amazing and talented artists of Southwest Florida. I am bringing in several of my organist colleagues from the area to showcase their talents. We will feature the Con Brio String Quartet, which is comprised of internationally premiered musicians. We will have the return of the highly favored “Faithfully Christmas” Brass and Organ Concert, and I will have my own organ concert in October, which will feature organ works from the 20th century (if you’d like to know more, come ask me about it – I love talking about my inspiration behind this concert). New to our church traditions, we will begin a lunch-time series called “Bach’s Lunch” (a play on words on “boxed lunch”) on the first Wednesday of varying months throughout the season. These will be short 30-minute organ recitals to showcase our amazing local artists. The Bach’s Lunches will be immediately followed by a new Prayer Service for our community to attend. Following the Bach’s Lunch and the Prayer Service, everyone will have the opportunity to purchase lunch from a food truck that we will have parked on our campus! The first food truck in October will be “Sweet Cheesus,” which serves some great sandwiches and raclettes!

    The Concert Series is made possible through the generous donations of the Friends of the Faith Lutheran Concert Series, the support of the Pastors, and the tireless efforts of the Worship, Music, and Arts Committee. I want to personally thank every Friend patron who have given a financial contribution to the series. I am continuously amazed by the overwhelming support our community and the greater Naples area has for the arts. Your continued support and patronage will create a long lasting and reputable concert series for our community and city to enjoy. If you are not a Friend of the Faith Lutheran Concert Series, you can become one at any time! Information about the Concert Series and the Friends of the Faith Lutheran Concert Series is available on our website in the Music Ministry webpage, or you can receive the information directly from me. The life of the church and the life of our sacred musical arts could not survive without you!

    I hope you are as excited for the series as much as I am! The Spirit is certainly alive in our church – won’t you join us?


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