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Prayer Matters Feb 2-24
    02.03.24 | Articles | Prayer Matters | by Mary Beth Born

    Do you need a 911 call to God, and you feel like you can’t get through? It can sometimes feel that way when we are lost or stuck - and maybe like we don't even know how to move forward. Sometimes we need more than our daily prayers because...

    Prayer Matters Jan 2024
      01.01.24 | Articles | Prayer Matters | by Randy Taylor

      Dear friends, our prayers “matter” because God matters, right?  Good question, right?  As I really think about this and look in the mirror, I ask myself, “Is it really true that God matters to me?” ...

      Prayer Matters - Dec 2023
        12.01.23 | Articles | Prayer Matters | by Ron Mitchell

        Are you wondering why these “prayer matters” articles keep showing up in The Voice?  Or perhaps you may have even wondered if prayer really matters, especially when a prayer sometimes seems to go unanswered.  Well, we are...

        Prayer Matters August 2023
          08.01.23 | Articles | Prayer Matters | by Judy McDermott

          Do you have time? Our lives are so busy! How did I ever have time to work a full-time job? How do I have time to talk to God or even hear from God? I make every effort to put God first in my life. I make time every morning to pray...