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Prayer Matters - Dec 2023
    12.01.23 | Articles | Prayer Matters | by Ron Mitchell

    Are you wondering why these “prayer matters” articles keep showing up in The Voice?  Or perhaps you may have even wondered if prayer really matters, especially when a prayer sometimes seems to go unanswered.  Well, we are...

    Thanksgiving In September
      09.03.23 | Articles | General | by Ron Mitchell

      God’s Word tells us the Church is not just a building, an organization, or even a denomination.  It’s a body of people who believe in Jesus Christ.  The church is referred to as "the body of Christ" in various New Testament...

      Meet Your Call Committee
        06.01.23 | Articles | General | by Ron Mitchell

        Meet Your Call Committee Dear Faith Lutheran Church Family: Now that Pastor Sam has taken a call to Faith Lutheran Oakville, we must go to work, following God’s direction, to call a new Associate Pastor. I have named a Call Committee...

        Thanksgiving in April
          04.01.23 | Articles | General | by Ron Mitchell

          Dear FLC Brothers and Sisters: We’re at the beginning of a new Church fiscal year at Faith Lutheran, and we have so much to be thankful for. Thank you for allowing me to serve you as Congregation President for one more year, as we adjust...

          Meet Your Council (part 3)
            10.02.22 | Articles | General | by Ron Mitchell

            Board of Women of Faith Director Mary Ellen Martin – this Board fosters fellowship and spiritual growth among the women of Faith Lutheran Church, planning events to support various missions and community needs, and managing various craft...

            Meet Your Council (continued)
              09.04.22 | Articles | General | by Ron Mitchell

              Board of Elders Director - Jim West: This Board is responsible for the physical, spiritual and professional life of the Pastor(s). The Director presides at all meetings of the Board and ensures they are conducted in an orderly and Christlike...

              Meet Your Council
                07.31.22 | Articles | General | by Ron Mitchell

                Dear blessed Faith Lutheran Church Congregation: Every two years, the election process is conducted to elect Church Officers and Directors.  Earlier this year, you elected two officers and several Directors.  As your President, I would...

                Are We There Yet?
                  12.18.21 | General | by Ron Mitchell

                  Here we are in the Christmas season again, and while every Christmas season is a special time, I must say this one holds a little more excitement for me. Last year we were somewhat strangled by the effects of Covid-19, and so participation in the...