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Are you a Christmas or Easter person?

    03.03.24 | Articles, The Shepherd's Voice | by Don Treglown

    This year something unique happens and that is that Easter Sunday is on the last day – the 31st of March. And even though you are reading this during the middle of Lent, it always good to remember the Resurrection.

    I have heard people talking about what type of person they are when it comes to the high feasts of the church year. The question that pops up a great deal is:

    “Are you more of a Christmas or Easter person?”

    While both Easter and Christmas focus on Jesus Christ, the highest rank of a feast on the Church’s calendar, the short answer is that Easter is indeed the most important day of the entire liturgical year. Our strongest indication of this comes from our weekly worship each Sunday. Even during the Sundays in (not of) Lent it would be entirely proper to say that each and every Sunday of the entire year is a “little Easter.” If doesn’t matter if Sundays falls in Advent, Ordinary Time, or Lent, each Sunday celebrates the Resurrection, the day of new creation.

    For those who are “Christmas people” it is good to remember that Jesus being sinless, His birth is different from ours.. This is why Christians celebrate Christmas as we remember the birth of our Lord and Savior.

    For those who lean more toward being “Easter people”, Easter is the Feast of feasts. Everything that we believe comes from the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

    Remembering the recent baptism of Molly Emmi Cooper, reminds me that we have all been baptized into new life, we now have a taste of that resurrection that Jesus underwent, looking forward to that joyous day when we share in this Truth upon our entry into heaven. Remember that Jesus has prepared the way for us, and it only makes sense that we recognize that we are all Christmas and Easter people. Or as one of my friends said, “I guess I see myself as a Chreaster!”

    By that same Resurrection, Christ set us free from sin, and this is something that beings contentment each and every day of our lives whether in Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall.

    In Christ,
    Pastor Don Treglown

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