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Pelican Community Center and Lutheran Church

Its Mission: The mission of the Pelican Community Center is to support all families through their daily struggles in life, what they need most for the happiest and healthiest families, and to become productive members of society.  Our center provides ESL classes in English in the morning and evening.  We are dedicated to serve the multi-cultural and multi-ethnic communities within Collier County.  The Pelican Community Center and Lutheran Church is a mission church, and our work is reviewed and supervised by Grace Lutheran Church of Naples.  Our center welcomes all.

Its vision: The Pelican Community Center and Lutheran Church will be a center and life and growth for the residents of the Naples community full-time/year round.  It will be a place where people will come together as friends.  Everyone here gives and receives in one way or another.  A participant receiving assistance today may become a mentor, i.e., teacher or assistant tomorrow.  Teaching and stimulating life skills, spoken languages, job skills, and family support are defining qualities of the Pelican Community Center and Lutheran Church.  The Naples community is thriving as a result of our dedication and selfless assistance offered at the Pelican.

Its objective: The Pelican Community Center exists to provide useful, relevant, fun and skill-building activities and classes to develop families with diverse multi-cultural backgrounds within greater Naples.  The Pelican welcomes all.

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