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Lutheran Military Veterans and Family Ministries

Lutheran Military Veterans & Family Members (LMVFM) is a Christian non-profit (501c3) faith based ministry. They are dedicated to serving military veterans, military contractors and their families in need of care and assistance, regardless of their faith or religious affiliation. They offer resources, assistance and training to congregations and other care providers to assist veterans, military contractors and their family members. In order to keep Christ at the center of this mission, LMVFM does not solicit or accept government funding.

Its first mission is “Direct Care” to provide free counseling, general assessments, assistance with obtaining care and resources necessary to the veteran, their family members, as well as military contractors. LMVFM does not provide clients with financial resources, but it does assist our veterans with obtaining the resources they need for assistance.

Unlike the VA who actively exclude many veterans who do not meet specific economically driven criteria, LMVFM serves any veteran who comes to them in need. If a person has served one or more days in uniform or as a member of the military contracting community, they as well as their family members are eligible for our care.

The second mission is to provide training programs for civilian care providers, therapists, counselors, clergy, and just about anyone that wants to be better equipped to work with veterans and their families.

It provides members, congregations, groups and other supporters with the most current information on a wide range of issues that affect our military community members. LMVFW assists congregations in the development of their mission outreach programs to veterans and their families and provides resources to congregations and groups regarding various military issues.

LMVFM could not do the ministry work that it does not just in Fort Wayne, but throughout the country without its dedicated core volunteer team. Volunteers are involved in almost every ministry activity, and they are most grateful for the time and services they devote to its ministry work. They are blessed to have many volunteer hands to aid in its ministry. There are many ways to volunteer at LMVFM. If you are interested in volunteering, please visit their website at hCps://lmvfm.org/.

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