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First Responders

Men and women from every walk of life do their part to protect us, keep us safe, and serve their community.  Many of these, first responders, are employed as firefighters, police officers, paramedics, EMTs, doctors, nurses, or another specialty position.

Faith Lutheran Church over the years have benefited greatly from our first responders. There are so many thoughtful and creative ways to say “Thank You” to the first responders of Lee and Collier Counties.

During the June 2023 Mission of the Month, let’s get involved in saying thank you to these brave men and women from the congregation and also as inviduals.  


  1. Thank you notes
  2. Children’s Drawings or Coloring Pages
  3. Pay it Forward in the Drive-Thru or the line 
  4. Help Faith with your donations to provide a meal to our local Fire Fighter Station
  5. Gift Cards to give to our First Responders at Faith Lutheran Church
  6. Just Say “Thank You” when you see someone in uniform
  7. Prayer as we remember their work, their sacrifice, and their danger

Giving Thanks to God for the first responders in and around our community.

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