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Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch


For more than 67 years Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch has been a ministry of healing for at-risk children and their families.  By providing best-in-class psychiatric care, along with best-in-class Christ-centered spiritual care, the Ranch is a safe place that provides hope, healing and new beginnings for children who have been traumatized, abused, neglected and more.  The Ranch helps children see the world differently, to feel the love of God through those who care for them, and to look to the future with hope. 

A Premiere RSO Ministry of the LCMS:  As a Recognized Service Organization of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, the Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch is a Christian ministry that provides trauma-informed care to children and their families through Residential Treatment Facilities, Outpatient Psychiatric and Psychological Services, and engaging Spiritual Life programs.

The Ranch Provides:  The Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch provides a loving, highly-skilled place for adolescent boys and girls who struggle from the results of trauma, abuse, and neglect by providing a safe place to live and giving them the tools they need to heal.

At the Ranch: The children we serve get better. They get better because we are present.  We are caring, purposeful, dedicated to learning and dedicated to each child. In the name of Christ we wrap precious children in services that address their mental, educational, emotional, physical and spiritual health. We know that healing is most likely to happen when all five of these components come together in positive ways – as they do at the Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch. 

Why care? Because the Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch helps the kids no one else can. We provide unparalleled care, expertise and presence in the name of Christ to keep today’s troubled kids from becoming tomorrow’s troubled adults.

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